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Personal Training

 Need an extra push? That’s why we’re here. Our personal trainers are certified experts in exercise physiology, anatomy, training program development, exercise application and fitness assessments. They excel at applying that knowledge to your own goals, no matter your age or fitness level.


Workout Equipment

We offer top of the line, updated, and clean equipment. From free weights to cardio, our equipment works as hard as you do.



Need help staying motivated? Join one of our group classes. We offer HIIT, SHRED, and more.

Meal Planning & Nutrition

Meal Planning

 We offer individualized training and nutrition plans customized to YOUR needs. Book an appointment with one Of our trainers today! 


Complete Fitness Tanning

Show off your hard work with a summer glow year round For $10 a month!! Our unlimited monthly tanning package includes access so levels 1-4 lay down and stand up beds!


Complete Fitness Child Care

Let us take care of the kids while you take care of your fitness. Our Kids Zone room is a safe, fun environment where your kids will engage in fun, age-appropriate activities as well as supervised play and crafts.


Anthony is prime example if someone who works for what they want. After working out for years, he was never happy with his results. When he met his wife, they decided to get married on the beach in Mexico. It was the perfect motivation and deadline to kick it up a notch. He lost 30 lbs and since then his drive and love for fitness has only gotten better.

He finds his motivation by recording his workouts to see where improvements can be made and using the seasons to set goals for his body and help motivate others via social media. His biggest struggle has been his nutrition and finding balance with his social life, however the warmer seasons keep him motivated so he can be ready!

We love seeing your progress Anthony- keep up the hard work!!

Kim and Cody

Find a stronger mother son combo… we’ll wait..

This month we are showcasing Kim and Cody. They both recently competed in a powerlifting meet and exhibit an outstanding amount of dedication both inside the gym and out. Their family has a strong passion for athletics and is an amazing example of how to incorporate health and wellness for all ages, whether it’s putting time in at the gym, powerlifting meets, or wrestling you can find them putting in the WORK!

Keep up the hard work! We LOVE following your journey!!


Adam is a prime example of someone who doesn’t have time, but he makes time! He started his journey to a healthier life at Complete Fitness back in February of 2017. He squeezes in his workouts between 2 jobs and his daughter’s extracurricular activities. Making the gym a priority has helped him lose 80 lbs so far! It’s awesome to watch his progress. Keep it up, Adam!


Shortly upon retiring, Dennis noticed that decreased activity caused him to put on some unwanted weight. He joined the Complete Fitness Family about 8 months ago. He never expected that beginning his fitness journey at the age of 60 would provide the results he’s seen. He’s lost just shy of 30ibs to date. In addition to weight loss and toning up, he’s noticed increased stamina and better overall health. We look forward to continuing to watch Dennis’ journey!

Courtney and Billy

Courtney & Billy Gray

Courtney started her fitness journey at Complete Fitness about a year ago. Sitting at her dad’s bedside after having open heart surgery, she decided it was time to take charge of her own health. She put the life of inactivity, ramen noodles & fast food behind her and quickly started seeing results both mentally and physically. To date, she’s lost about 65ibs. She hasn’t taken this journey alone! Her husband Billy had been alongside her and has dropped 70ibs to date and has been her biggest supporter.

While they’ve both made huge life changes already, they aren’t finished yet! They continue to find new ways to challenge their bodies through competing in things like the Tough Mudder and taking classes like HIIT and Bootcamps at both Complete Fitness as well as other gyms.

While working out has become the easy part because of the friendships they’ve built, their biggest challenge is staying on track with healthy eating. It’s helped them to be a team and keep each other accountable. We’re excited to see this couple dominate the fitness world together!


After moving too far away from her gym, Bailey tried working out at home. She wasn’t seeing the results she wanted and joined Complete Fitness in January of 2018. “The vibe of motivation and being surrounded by people that want to better themselves keeps me coming back to Complete”.

The feeling she gets when her workout is over is what motivates her. Her biggest challenge is the gym/life balance. It’s difficult to find the time to workout, eat right, and have a life! Her overall goal is to fit it all in and make everything a good experience.

Her pictures are proof that she’s found time for the gym and healthy eating! We’re excited to see her continued progress!

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